Concept and Philosophy

In our Restaurant MONT in Bad Bentheim we offer a food experience that is simple and yet unique.

The simplicity of our dishes is presented in the use of organic and seasonal local products. The uniqueness is reflected in the elegant dishes that are made from scratch and designed for delivering the customer a new culinary experience. Our restaurant offers each season a new menu that is inspired by the high-quality seasonal products. We buy all our ingredients ourselves and pay particular attention to sustainable farming and animal welfare. Our bar serves high-quality German wines, special exclusive liqueurs and other classic or experimental drinks.

Many will agree that dining out is not only about food. The atmosphere and the feeling of special event is very important. You may find our restaurant special because of its modern interior, contemporary art, and open kitchen. Every meal becomes much more appetizing since it is paired with the appealing ambiance, friendly service and the chance to see the kitchen where our Chef prepares dishes for you. We do our best to deliver you a wonderful dining experience that we would like to have ourselves. Therefore, we offer honest and affordable prices to everybody to come and enjoy our restaurant.

We hope to see you soon in Restaurant MONT!


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Restaurant MONT
Wilhelmstraße 4
48455 Bad Bentheim
(0049) 5922-9947864

Feel free to call us from 2:30 pm on Wednesday – Sunday for making a table reservation. If you have question and/or comments, please fill in the contact form on the website.

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